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Age: 24

Date of Birth: 05/08/1984                                                                                                                                       1998 -2000 Music School Class(piano)                                                                                               

2001 – 2005 Circus and Variety  Arts Academy                                      

1998 - Participant to the  Festival and Concurs “Chernomorskie Igry”                                                                                                

1999- Winner of Festival “Boromlya”                                            

Grand-prix “Na hvilyh Svityazya” “Azovskiye Vitrila”                       

2000 -1st place of “Slovyanskiy Bazar” Vitebsk                               

 2002 - Presenting  live singing performances in various clubs of Italy, Austria , Slovenia , Russia , Cyprus and Ukraine in big concerts with dancing group live shows

2003-Working in high class restaurants in Austria and Saint Petersburg” in Russia.                                                                                 

2004-2005 Singing and Performing on a Tour in Slovenia and Italy.                                                                                              

2006- Singing together with famous groups and star singers in exclusive restaurants in Ukraine.                                                                  

2008- Participating on a big television project in Ukraine under the Name”Chance”2 Place of winners.                                                                                                 

2008 - Tour in Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon with the famous Dancing Bulgarian group “Boys to the Max “performing Live Shows in Exclusive Clubs.                                                                                          

Mira”s repertoire is presented with the  following styles: Pop, Soul, Rock, Latin

The repertoire of famous composers and other musicians in other languages ie Italian , Greek , Russian can also be sang .  



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