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Genus ---"Gillia"-- a class of flower grown wild in various parts of North America. They are grown as annuals and belong to the Phlox family, Polemoniaceae. Chief colors are blue, lilac, lavender-mauve, white and pink.

Genre --"Gillia Song Stylist" -- a classy flower who's blossom brings forth talent and beauty. Cultivated by passion and inspiration, she sings and sweet sounds bloom like a musical garden.

Gillia is not just a great singer but a vocalist. She is not only a gifted vocalist but a talented song writer. This soulful, versatile artist is sure to win your heart and mind. We invite you to take a moment and stroll through her garden of music, talent, beauty and show-stopping vocals. Experience entertainment at its best.. When Gillia sings, it is not just entertainment but a musical event. Enjoy!!





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