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Leonsia Erdenko and Her Gipsy Show

Leonsia Erdenko has been perfomiing on stage for the past ten years-first with her father`s group, Djang, & then with her own group.In 1999, she made a recording at the Edinburgh Festival. Where she perfomed with some of the best musicians from Hungary, Ireland & Russia. Song Solnishko(Sun) Persecuted in many countries, Gypsies have long for peace. Don`t wake me from my youth until the Gypsy sun is up, sings a girl. Then Gypsies will live in happiness.

The continuer of a world famous Moscow Gipsy dynasty. The daughter of the well-known singer Nikolay Erdenko. The scenic experience: since 1987 The basic genre: Russian Gipsies folklore (classics, tradition, processing). The beginning of an actor's career: Leo started to take part in public concerts with the parents:Nikolay & Rozaliya Erdenko, in the gypsy fusion group DJANG ,the winner of the First International festival of gipsy music Rom Hap 87 in Yugoslavia (Belgrade).




1997: Modern versions of known gipsy melodies have been made together with the composer George Barykin (special prize of festival Generation-97).Record of music for an album The New Gypsy Music , including 7 songs by George.

2000: Birth of the TRIO ERDENKO - with Alexey Bezlepkin. Record of music for D Gypsy Songs. Cooperation together with a folk-rock group Zdob-Si-Zdub/Moldova.

2003: Trio Erdenko - the winner of the Second Bulat Okudzava International festival in Krakow (Poland).

2000-2003:female vocal in the Russian Gypsy Irish group LOYKO /with Sergey Erdenko . Recorded three albums,concert tours all over the World.

2004: The solo program The First meetings in the Tchaikovsky concert hall in Moscow; participation in the first Russian/American teleproject Poor Nastya (A-Media/Sony pictures);The Chanson of Year-prize in the Kremlin Palace; record and release of ethnic fusion CDLeonsia Erdenko & GYPSYROAD.

2004-2005: Participation in a record of soundtracks of:Turkish gambit film, television projects Sins of Fathers ; in a record of an album Perezvony with the Russian rock star Garik Sukachev and the "Neprikasaemie" group.

Concert halls: Prince Regent Theatre ","Herculles-Halle" Munich, Brukenforume- Bonn, Spandau- Berlin, "Millennium" - New York, theatre Millennium - Budapest, "Sporting club"- Monte Carlo,Berliner Philharmonie etc.




Gipsy group "Black  Eyes"

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"The Gipsy Are Back in Town"

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"Ame Roma"

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"Russian Rum"

"Russian Rum"  The known Gipsy musician and arranger Igor Fedorichev became the founder and the ideological inspirer of ensemble.
As well as many executors known nowadays and groups, ensemble has begun the creative activity, it is banal, from work in one of the Moscow restaurants. However healthy ambitions of participants of ensemble, have not allowed them to remain long at level "kabatskih" musicians, and 1993, at financial participation of federation of free-style wrestling of Moscow, the ensemble writes down the first album "Britska". After album issue, gradual movement of ensemble on a ladder of domestic show business has begun.

For fifteen years of existence, "Russian Rum", has visited many camps. It is Germany and France, Poland and Czechia, Hungary and Italy, Germany and Spain, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. But all it were either private invitations, or the international festivals. To check up a demand of the actor probably only during tour rounds. Not each of Russian "stars" agrees on solo tour rounds because here you completely depend on that, the people on your concert will come, having spent thus certain sum, or not. It is the present check of the relation of people to that you do. Therefore ninety percent of domestic stars, having stepped on the stage, are afraid to see before itself to a floor an empty hall." Rum "have risked and have won. 1999 - round across Latvia (Riga, Daugavpils, Rezekne) seven concerts - seven notices. 2000 - round America and Canada for three months - seventy six concerts. 2007 - performance in the main hall of Bulgaria on four thousand places - the notice. The list does not join tour rounds across Russia and on the countries a post of the Soviet space.



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