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Siberian Dixieland

Siberian Dixieland  under the direction of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Boris BALAKHNIN was organized in the end of 1988. Since its creation the orchestra has been actively touring in the cities and republics of the former USSR, and from 1991 also abroad. Musicians have taken part in the Jazz Festivals of Finland, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, and China.
In 1994, being already a philharmonic group, the Siberian Jazz Band organize
d its personal season ticket and edited its first CD.
Peculiarity of the artistic image of the Siberian Jazz Band is the willing of playing some late compositions of "swing" era together with music of New-Orleans style. The musicians of the ensemble are individuals, together with the leader the outstanding instrumentalists such as Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Gershenovitch (trumpet), Igor Guluy (keyboard instruments, arrangement), Sergey Panasenko (tuba, double-bass), Sergey Poliansky (trombone), Alexander Bazanov (drums) compose the group.
Dixieland  took part in all Jazz festivals held in Novosibirsk.
The professional level of the musicians is widely appreciated and their invitation to the prestigious american Jazz festival August Costa Mesa Orange Countu Jazz Festival proves it. The success of the musicians surpassed everybodys expectations: Siberian Jazz Band was named one of the three best commercial dixielands in the USA, and its admirers created a fan-club in America. Since then, Siberian Jazz Band is regularly invited to the festival August Costa Mesa Orange Countu Jazz Festival.
In 2002 Siberian Jazz Band had a successful concert on a European jazz festival in Montreaux (Switzerland).



Boris Balahnin - soprano/tenor saxophone
Igor Gulyj - grand piano
Sergey Gershenovich - pipe
Sergey Poljansky - vocal, trombone
Denis Kostin - tuba,guitar
Ivan Krivtsov - Banjo, balalaika, guitar
Vladimir Kirpichev - drums
Uliana Balachnina - vocal


Song List of The Siberian Dixieland

1.     Stevedore stomp  - D. Ellington

2.     Basin st. stomp - tr

3.     Joe aveny’s piece - tr

4.     Willie the weeper –G. Rymal

5.     The Waltz –A.Joyce

6.     I Love Paris –K. Porter

7.     The Sugar blues –C.Williams

8.     China boy –Winfree

9.     Tin Roof blues –R. King

10. Loveless Love –Handi, C. Williams

11. Parade -tr

12. Georgia of my mind –H. Carmichael

13. Honeysuckle rose – A. Rosef

14. At A Georgiz meeting – K. Mills

15. Sent Luis blus – Hendi

16. Luisiana – Jonson

17. Basin street blus - tr

18. Kiss of Fire -tr

19. I Cant give you Anything but love – Hing

20. Paren Parenyok -  Rosner

21. Just a Closer walk to Thee -spiritual

22. Ierehon – spiritual

23. Down by the Riverside –tr.

24. Sardgalau – foik song

25. Valenki – folk song

26. Dorogoy dlinnoy – folk song

27. May in Blossom – Polonsky

28. O, Sole Mio – folk song

29. The Dark Niht – M.Blanter

30. The Cabman’s Song – N. Bogoslovskiy

31. Cherry pink and Apple Blossom White – Louigary

32. Bai Mir Bist du Schoen –S. Sekunda

33. In The Mood – Garland

34. The Black Eyes – folk song

35. Cukaracha

36. Puttin on the Ritz – I. Berlin

37. Joseph – S. Kahn

38. parade in the street of Bourbons – tr.

39. I’ve Found a New Bady – Williams

40. Jazz me Blues – Delansy

41. Am I Blue – Drake

42. Jelly Roll Motor – tr.

43. Parade in Molde – tr.

44. Cheek to Cheek – I. Berlin

45. A Lonwely Cowboy –  folk song

46. Jeepers Creepers – folk song

47. The Blues They Don’t love

48. Jim Crow

49. Wolverine blues – Morton

50. Bye-Bye Blackbird – R. Henderson

51. Ice-Cream – Johnson

52. Someday – L. Armstrong

53. Potato head blues - L. Armstrong

54. Panama Rag - L. Armstrong

55. Creole love call - L. Armstrong

56. West end blues - L. Armstrong

57. Big Butter and Egg man - L. Armstrong

58. C’est si bon - L. Armstrong

59. The Charleston - L. Armstrong

60. Blueberry hill - L. Armstrong

61. Some of These days - L. Armstrong

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