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Jazz Quartet Paper Moon

Trio Jazz Road

Jazz Trio S.M.

Jazz Quartet Jazz Voyage

Jazz Trio Crystal Band

Jazz Quartet Patmos

Jazz Trio J.A.N.

Jazz Accordionist Shevket

Jazz Band Barrel-House

Atlantic Quartet

Jazz Band Elit

Siberian Dixieland

AG Entertainment  -  Jazz

Jazz bands and soloists are highly adaptable and can add great atmosphere to an occasion. We can cover just about any jazz style, take a look at these choices - ensemble sizes and styles are in brackets.

Solo Jazz Piano (1, various styles)

Solo jazz piano adds ambience and encompasses a wide variety of jazz styles.

Dinner-Jazz Band (2-4, mainstream)

Relaxed, sophisticated sounds from an acoustic jazz small group provide the perfect compliment to a meal, dinner party of informal event.

Classic Jazz Band (4-6, mainstream)

Deeply swinging music from the 40's through to the 60's covering the 'bebop' and 'cool jazz' eras including music from Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Gershwin, Coltrane etc.

Smooth-Jazz Band (4-6, contemporary groove)

The Americans invented the term 'smooth jazz', a subtle blend of jazz with aromas of pop and soul music


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