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Konstantin Merezhnikov Violin

Moroz Inna Violin













Moroz Inna Violin










 24.11.05-01.04.06 - The actress of chamber ensemble, the liner “Pan Star Ferry”,     

                                  Pusan, Y.Koreya;

10.03 -  11.03         - The actress of an orchestra of theatre of muses. Comedies, Kharkov;

10.2001 - 10.2002  - The actress of the Youth symphonic orchestra “Slobojanskiy”, Kharkov; 08.1996 - 08.1999  - The actress of an orchestra of Poltava musical drama theatre it.

                                  N.V.Gogol; solo with a symphonic orchestra, Zubickiy “The Rhapsody”.




1999-2004                  -The maximum, the Kharkov state academy of culture, a speciality? The actor of    

                            an orchestra, the teacher special Disciplines;

1992 - 1996       - An average special, Poltava musical school it. N. Lysenko, a speciality “ The

                            actor of an orchestra, the teacher on a class of a violin”.



Knowledge of the personal computer:  the user, the Internet.

 Documents:   the passport, the international certificate of the seaman.

The marital status:   married, there is a daughter






K.Gluсk "Melody"

W.A.Mozart " Eine kleine Nachtmusik " <Allegro>

I.S.Bakh "Aria"

D.Bokkerini "Меnuet"

E.Marchello "Adagio"

V.Motsart's  "Rondo"

A.Khachaturyan's  "Waltz" to a drama "Masquerade"

К.Sen-Sans "Swan"

A.Villoldo's  "The Argentina tango"

A.Vivaldi "Shtorm"

D.Verdi " Table. Traviatta "

J.Brahms "The Hungarian dance №5 "




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