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Duo - Rozmarin



Jarre Waltz from Doctor Zhivago

Melody from Sun Valley Serenade


“Rozmarin-duo” ( Russia, Moscow)
Ludmila Zhukova ( violin)
Konstantin Odegov (piano,synthesizer)
Ludmila Zhukova
Date of birth: April, 20, 1975 ( 33y.o)
1989-1993 Music college by Prokofjev town Pushkino (violin class)
1994-1999 State classical Academy by Maimonida Moscow (violin class)
2000-2006 symphonic orchestra of Moscow State music- drama theatre headed by G .Chikhachov
Position: performing actor of the orchestra
Duties: accompanying of musical performances
2002-til the present time-symphonic orchestra of State Academic Maly Theatre of Russia
Position: performing actor of the theatre
Duties: accompanying performances, performing in symphonic concerts.
Konstantin Odegov
Date of birth: April 23, 1968 (40 y.o.)
1983-1987-The Music College by Gnesinyh, Moscow (piano class)
1990-1995-Russian Academy of Music by Gnesinyh (piano class)
Experience: 1991-1998-state Theatre of Cinema Actor
Position: accompanist
Duties: accompanying classes with actors in vocal, playing in musical performances, taking part in
2000-2004 Private school “Prestizh”
Position: piano teacher
Duties: lessons with pupils
1998-til the present time-State Creative Workshop headed by A.Ribnikov
Position: accompanist
Duties: having classes in vocal with actors, playing in musical performances, taking part in concerts
“Rozmarin duo”
Set- up date: 1999
Diplomas and grand prizes: 1999- First Diploma of Moscow Art Festival “Inspiration”
2002-Grandprize of Moscow Art Festival “Inspiration”
Experience: regular performances at the best playgrounds of Moscow, taking parts in private and
corporative events.
2004-2006-perfarmances with concert programs in cruises to the North Pole on atom powered ship
“Yamal”, organized by turist company “Poseidon” (Moscow)(enclosed find recommendation letter from
administration and two video clips)
Repertoire: classical works of music of the 17-19 century, Russian ancient romances in original musical
adaptions, tangos, ragtimes, famous jazz melodies, etc.

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