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Duo - Araxis






A duet: Ola Stenina – Lead Vocal

Edward Yohim – Guitar, Back-Vocal, Midi- guitar.


The duet was founded in 2005. Before that the musicians worked separately.  Ed & Ola have had wide experience of live performances and studio working.


Ola Stenina(1/12/1981) – the leader of the ARAxiS project, frontman, prize-winner of many vocal  competitions in Russia.

Took vocal lessons in Moscow college by Gnesiny. In 2003 she graduated from guitar school in Ryazan.

Recorded a CD in Germany “Studio S” as a session singer (in 2001).At this time she toured with “Seven Stage Band”  around Germany.

From 2002 to 2005 Ola has been working at philharmonic society as a professional singer,

and touring around Ryazan and Moscow regions.

-Participation in many concerts, TV programs

In her skills Ola uses vocal styles like soul, pop, rock, country and applies different vocal techniques.

She’s got a voice of great compass (3,5 octave)



Ed Yohim – (9.04.1968),a Guitar “Champion “author of the Golden Fish project, arranger, composer, multi instrumentalist. Reiterated winner of guitar competitions in Russia and Pribaltic region. Ed has had a wide experience of live playing, improvisation and studio recording.

In 1982 he graduated from music school (piano class).

Since 1990 Ed studied in the college of art in Ryazan.

In (1997), while touring to China(Handjou), Ed took theory and practice lessons of diatonic harmony from native teacher.

2006 – He was invited to the master - classes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani in Moscow (Russia)

Edward composes and records his own music in different styles: hard and heavy, progressive, funk, pop, latino, country, Indian, Chinese melodies…etc

-worked at Ryazan music theatre as a composer, and recorded music for documentary films.

1997- toured  to China

2001 – toured to Germany

2002 – to Poland

After he passed  the casting among guitar players( requirements: Rhymskiy-Korsakov “ Flight of the bumblebee” in tempo 220, and J. S. Bach “C moll prelude” in tempo 150!!) Ed was offered a  work for a Germany studio, where Ola and Ed met .



After having recorded their work they started a project called “Golden Fish”, where both of the two composed the songs and set experiments using different styles. Ed recorded instrument lines all by himself.

“Golden Fish” got very high responses from American record lables.

Russian rock-music magazine “Dark City” (November-december 2005) published GF demo material and appreciated their work with the highest mark – 5 stars!

In 2005 on the basis of the Golden Fish band, the duet formed commercial project called “ARAxIS band”, actively permorming concerts in clubs and restaurants.

ARAxIS program consists of  masterly performed world hits, cover-versions, originally played classics in modern rhythms, instrumental world music and author's music.

ARAxIS band is a duet  performing musical shows: the guitar, vocal, and other instruments are recorded on midi. Using a guitar synthesizer allows us to play on the guitar with different instruments sounds, a violin for example to play Paganini, etc.

-Change of the scenic image, positive-explosive performance, individual approach to the repertoire is an imprescriptible feature of the duet.

Delicate and creative approach gave birth to their own sound. That’s why many famous songs are heard non-typical and fresh. Actively using of diatonic, national harmonies of Japan, Chinese, Indian, American, Latino-American cultures.

The repertoire of the Araxis project is at the interfaces between many styles - latino, rhythm-n-blues,  funk, disco, rock’n’roll, rock ,soul, country, neo-classic, classic, ethnic.

The repertoire  consists of famous compositions of the following performers and author music as well. The program enlarges and refreshes consistently.


Boney M ( Daddy Cool, My Baker, Rivers of Babylon, Sunny)

ABBA (The winner takes it all, Dancing Queen, Mama mia, Gimmy gimmy)

Donna Summer ( Hot Stuff, I feel love, On the Radio, She work hard)

John Denver(Country Roads)

Mike Oldfield ( Moonlight shadow)

Joe Cocker ( Unchain My heart, My father's song)

Willie Nelson  (ON THE ROAD AGAIN )

Frank Sinatra (My way)

Gloria Estefan ( Doctor Beat, Conga, Santo Santo, Dulce Amor)

Shoking Blue ( Venus)

B. Adams (I do it for you, Have you ever really loved a woman, Cloud#9)

Ashlee Simson ( Pieces)

Christina Aguilera ( Candyman, Lady Marmelad, Hurt)

Kelly Clarkson (Miss Independent)

Natalia Imbruglia ( Torn)

The Corrs ( The Breathless)

Bob Marley( Is this love, How much trouble in the world, I shot the sheriff)

Will Smith (Getting Jiggy with it)

Chuck Berry ( Twist, Johnny Be Goode)

Jeniffer Lopez( Waiting for tonight, Let us get loud)

Jipsy Kings ( Volare, Bamboleo)

Paul  McCartney ( C moon)

Pet Shop Boys (Pet shop boys)

Shania Twain ( If you’re not in it for love, I feel like a woman, That Dont Impress Me Much)

Julio Iglesias ( Amor Amor)

James Brown – (Sex machine)

Tina Turner (River deep mounhtain high, The Best, Steamy windows)

Natalia Oreiro ( Huracan)

Joe South ( Rose Garden)

Mick Jagger ( Satiafaction)

Mariah Carey(Without you, Hero, Make it happen, My all)

G Brooks ( Baton Rouge)

Erick Clapton (Tears in Heaven)

Gerry Halliwell ( It’s raining man)

Neil Sadaka ( One way ticket)

Gloria Gaynor ( I’ll survive)

S Vega –(Best)

Michael Bolton ( When a man loves a woman)

Barbara Streisand ( Woman in love)

Steve Wonder(Master, I just call, Boogey)

Blues Brothers –rock’n roll

Elvis Presley ( All shook up)

Celine Dion( That’s the way it is, My heart will go on, Medley)

Chik ( Le-freak)

Michael Jackson ( Billie Jean)

Carline Carpter- (Hindsight)

Armstrong (What a wonderful life)

Beatles ( Yesterday, Can’t buy me love)

Everly Brothers ( Bird Dog)

Los Lobos( Bate Forte o Tambor)

Los Del Rio ( Macarena)

Rembrants ( I’ll be there)

Joe Dassen(instr)

W. Mozart (instr)



Lully (instr)

Niccolo Paganini (instr)


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