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Olga Bondarenko (vocals)

Date of birth: 11/09/1985
Nationality: Ukrainian
Speciality: singer
Spoken languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Andrey Ibragimov (piano)

Date of birth: 06/09/1983
Nationality: Ukrainian
Speciality: pianist
Spoken languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Olga&Andrey perform as duo female vocals with piano accompaniment (keyboard).

Repertoir consists of pop music, jazz, latin.

Olga can also sing with backing tracks, play piano solo and sing and play.

Andrey can also perform as solo pianist.

Working experience:

2005 -2006  - Work on a  cruise ship of Ukrainian Cruise Company 

2006 -2008   - Work in restaurants and bars in Ukraine:
Jazz club “Jazz do it”, “Double Bass”, restaurant “Mandarin”

October 2008 – now  -  China, Shenzhen:
Huaxia Art Center “Show Elements”, Restaurant  “Dream Garden”


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