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Ballet Show Mango









Choreographer of the  Ballet  Show - Mango

Davidenko Hanna

Date of birth -25.05.1985

Weight - 53 kg

Height -170 (cm)

1998 Championship of the Ukraine in categories show hip-hop.

2001  participant vaudeville dance project "just fan".

Since 2004 choreographer and dancer show-ballet "Mango".



Sashina Dasha

Date of birth -31.05.1987

Weight -53 kg

Height -170 (cm)

2002-2006 Sumy High School of  Culture / D.S. Bortnyanskogo - "Choreography".

Since 2006  prima  show-ballet "Mango".





Kisilenko Stas

Date of birth 3.08.1985

Weight - 182cm

Height 69kg

2002-2006 Sumy High School of  Culture / D.S. Bortnyanskogo - "Choreography".

Since 2006 show-ballet "Mango"




Baystruchenko Viktor


Date of birth 16.12.1982

Weight 65 kg

Height 172 cm


2002-2006 Kharkov State Academy  - "Choreography".

Since 2008 show-ballet "Mango".



Nekritsuhina Hanna

Date of birth 22.07.1989

Weight 52kg

Height 168cm

2004-2008  Sumy High School of  Culture / D.S. Bortnyanskogo - "Choreography".

Since 2008 show-ballet "Mango".




Makarova Olga

Date of birth 8.03.1986

Weight 50kg

Height 167 cm

2003-2008  Sumy  State Pedagogical University name. A.S.MAKARENKO - "Choreography".

Since 2008 show-ballet "Mango".




Hrimli Lena


Date of birth - 14.05.1987

Weight 50kg

Height 168 cm

Has finished choreographic school.

Since 2008 show-ballet "Mango".




Zaharchenko Kate

Date of birth 23.07.1989

Weight 50kg

Height - 168cm

2005-2009  Sumy High School of  Culture / D.S. Bortnyanskogo - "Choreography".

Since 2009 show-ballet "Mango".




Revach Inna

Date of birth 12.04.1988

Weight 52kg

Height 169cm

2005-2009  Sumy High School of  Culture / A.S.MAKARENKO- "Choreography".

Since 2009 show-ballet "Mango".




Work experience of the Ballet Show Mango :

2004-2006  Show Ballet Performances - Ukraine.

2007 -  "Big  Circus" China.

2007-2008 park of the amusements "Windows of the World" China.

2008-2009  casino of the South Korea "Kangwon Land".






   The Ballet "Mango" was founded in 2004, in Sumy,Ukraine. This young, but perspective ballet, which for so short time of its existence has time to to conquer its creative activity and skill not only inhabitants of the Ukraine, but also the other countries.
  The Interesting dance projects and show did not pass without participation of the group "Mango". One of the the most successful alliance became the club project together with Ukrainian Dj in 2005, where dancers appeared as "Mango Project".On row with this fascinating work, show-ballet continued to present the beauty a dance inhabitant of the city of the Sumy, Poltavy, Evpatorii and the other city of the Ukraine.
   Unforgettable became the New year's tours 2006-2007, participants have presented its new program in creative tandem with young talented singer Inna Rudenko.
In the same way did not remain unheeded special Christmas production "Night before Christmas's".
   In 2007 ballet was invited for working in "Big  Circus" China. Specifics of the functioning(working) the ballet with circus genre give in program of the group new breathing, and chinese audience could see not only  program show-ballet "Mango", but also unique symbiosis of the ballet and circus.
   At August 2007 group have offered the contract for working  in one of the best park of the amusements "Windows of the World" China. The Visitors "park of the miniatures" with pleasure not once visited show, which have represented the dancers show-ballet "Mango". The Choreographer of the ballet was a stage manager - a director show for beer holiday in "Caesar Palace".
The Club life of the recreational centre  China did not pass in party from participant of the group, such city  Guangzhou and SHenizheni not once took "Exotic" Mango.
   The Following 2008, actors show- ballet "Mango" worked in the best casino of the South Korea "Kangwon Land".Professional and creative approach to functioning has left the unforgettable positive impression beside spectators not only, but beside and employers.


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