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Kachan Maria


Date of birth :   03. 03.1987

Weight : 50kg 

Height : 165cm



2003- 2008 ” Saint Petrsburg University of Art and Culture”


Work Experience

2008-2009  Assistant Manager

•          Manage all quality assurance in the restaurant and report to the manager.

•          Manage a team of 10 people, assigning them task and motivating them to meet deadlines

•          Demonstrate the quality procedures to customers on their visit

•          Perform quality audits.

2007-2008 Dancer ( Studio of Russian dance “Russia”)

2005-2006 Dancer ( Show ballet “Todes”)

•          Dance alone or with the group to entertain audience

•          Perform all kind of dances coordinating all body movements to musical accomplishment.

•          Present shows and perform to a live audience 

•          Rehears dance steps and movements under direction and instruction of a choreographer

1992-2003 Dancer ( Ballet dance studio “ Grazia”)

•          Taking place in the international competition

•          Perform styles of dance as the company ,project or choreographer requires

•          Study and create choreography

•          To present show programs in the cooperative evenings


•          Computer skills “Word”, “ Excel”

•          English intermediate


Dancing, physical trainings, art.

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