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“Magic” was created in 1995.
Evgeni Gorshkov is artistic director of the show-ballet.
The basic staff of show-ballet "Magic" consists from 14 person:
1 artistic director, the ballet master, 8 female ballet artists,
4 male ballet artists, 1 singer.
The age of artists of 20 to 35 years.
All artists have special professional choreographic education and experience of work on a professional stage. We can dance classical compositions and folk dance compositions as well as modern dances of various styles. We could suggest our show in conformity with the local national tastes or customer's interests. We can provide an entertainment extravaganza of up to 60- 90 minutes.

The show-ballet is a grand-prix and first prize winner of International and All-Russian festivals and competitions.
A very high level of ballet artists skills and their whole-hearted devotion are a distinctive feature of the “Magic” performances.
The repertoire of “Magic” consists of performances and miniatures of the different dance styles. All the staff of the show ballet works self-denyingly at every new performance, making it a genuine artistic canvas.
Music, lighting, costume, dance all those taken together create their own independent image which stays in audience’s memory just in that combination. In the program of show-ballet of 50 performances of various dancing styles.

All organizational questions stipulate separately between the art director of show-ballet and the customer. Show-ballet works only at the conclusion of the written contract between the Customer (organizer) and the artistic director of show-ballet.

1. Lacy (Silver Lido, folk, modern)
2. Gold Russia (folk, modern)
3. Can-can (cabaret)
4. Carnival (Brasilia)
5. Argentina tango (original tango)
6. Rock-n-roll (50-style)
7. Scotland (Scotland original)
8. Cabaret (cabaret)
9. Rise of the sun (Red Lido, Russia folk)
10. Theatre (jazz, ladies in masks)
11. Flowers (Japan, women)
12. Casanova (jazz)
13. Gipsy (Gipsy)
14. Swans (Russian north folk)
15. Birds (Blue Lido)
16. Frescos (Egypt)
17. Spain (Spain original)
18. Grand Antre (Gold jazz)
19. Jewish (Jewish folk)
20. Orchid (White Lido)
21. Palma (Africa jazz)
22. Cowboys (Texas)
23. Fifth element (cosmos jazz)
24. Wild dances (funk, street)
25. Shows (jazz, joke)
26. Mirror (Brilliant Lido)
27. Station (modern jazz)
28. Men in white (men funk)
29. Bodyguards (women jazz)
30. Neanderthal man (jazz, joke)
31. Voice (men solo, contemporary)
32. Tenderness (romantic)
33. Prince Great Igor (hip-hop, east)
34. Antre (Lido)
35. Triangle (contemporary)
36. Butterfly (women romantic)
37. Poultry yard (joke, folk)
38. Nanaian (joke)
39. Sweet feature (jazz, 60-70 style)
40. Gloria (Violet Lido)
41. East (East women)
42. Sculptor (romantic)
43. Models (jazz)
44. Five (men contemporary)
45. Anvils (jazz)
46. Game (joke)
47. Bangkok (street)
48. Set fire (jazz)
49. Field (contemporary)
50. Cats (modern jazz)
Also in the basic staff of show-ballet we have the Ballroom dancers (duet), which could suggest all Latin dances and Standard dances (Waltz, Tango, Samba, Rumba, Cha-cha-cha…).

The mobility and the ability to create the any show on any stage make the show ballet “Magic” an interesting partner for promoters and performance agencies.
We guarantee that seeing us once, you will want to meet
with us more and more!

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