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Animator /Entertainer/Dancer/Singer    Emma






Expected salary - 1000 EUR per Month





Date of Birth: 08/11/85
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: British

2008 – The University of Hull – Sports coaching and performance.

1997-2002: Mallet Lambert School
2002-2005: Wyke Sixth Form College

GCSE English Language: C

GCSE English Literature: C
GCSE Math’s: C
GCSE Science Dual Award: D,D
GCSE Religious Education: B
GCSE Drama: B
GCSE Textiles: C
GCSE French: C
GCSE Dance: C

GCSE Science: C

AS Level P.E: C
A Level Dance: C

A Level Theatre Studies: D

B-Tec National Diploma in Performing Arts: M,M,M

Work Experience
August 2002 – May 2004: The Card Factory, Whitefriagate, Hull. – Sales Assistant.

June 2004 – March 2006: Kingston Communications Stadium, Hull. – Bar Person.
October 2005 – December 2005: The Oyster Catcher, Hull. – Waitress.
April 2006 – December 2006: Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull. – Post Clerk.

January 2007 – February 2007: Tiny Tots Entertainment, Hull. – Children’s Entertainer.  
March 2007 – October 2007: 4Front Entertainment, Paphos, Cyprus. – Entertainer.

17th November 2007 – 28th February 2008: The Hull Greyhound Races, Boulevard, Hull. – Waitress/Bar Person.

March 2008 – May 2008: One Stop Entertainment, Aiya Napa, Cyprus. – Karaoke Compare/Live Singer.
June 2008 – August 2008: 007 Entertainment, Dorchester Hotel, Beverly Road, Hull – Live Singer/Dancer.

13th August 2008 – Present: Footlocker, Princess Quay, Hull – Sales Assistant.


My Main hobbies and interests lie in Performing Arts. I love to sing and dance which I have been involved in from an early age. I am also a very active person and enjoy participating in many sports along with watching them. My previous employment was very sport orientated for example: volleyball, water polo, basketball etc. I also take part in many charity events for example: race for life, and sports relief.   

Other Information
Since leaving college my main job roles have being involved in performing arts, which I love to be involved with and are my main career aspirations. This however is also something which is hard to maintain a permanent job role in, as most of the professional work is seasonal. I am a confident person and I have excellent customer service, my previous job was very people orientated, which involved working with hotel guests for every aspect of my job. I enjoy meeting new people and working with them makes the job different every day. I am a conscientious person committed to any job I take and very good with time keeping. I feel I can work well on my own intuitive and put 100 percent into every task I undertake. In one of my previous job roles as an entertainer I worked closely with a small group of people which I really enjoyed, and therefore I feel I can also work well in a group. Over the last couple of years I have also traveled to various parts of the world for work, this involved meeting new people and taking on new challenges and experiences on my own. I see this as a rewarding experience and defiantly something which I will pursue into my future career. 

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