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Curriculum Vitae

Oleg POSPELOV (born 1979) graduated from the Kiev National University of Theatre and Cinema Arts (2001) and the Kiev State College of Circus & Variety Arts (2003) & Julia POSPELOV (born 1985) graduated from the Kiev State College of Circus & Variety Arts (2005) both as aerial gymnasts.
Julia & Oleg got acquainted in 2001 during their studies at Circus College. They began to perform in circus groups touring all over Ukraine with solo acts on straps, aerial hoop and contortion in 2002. They began to practice together on aerial tissues in November 2002 and gave the first public performance of the act in April 2003 in Kiev, one month after their marriage.



In October 2003 – March 2004 - WOW-3 show at Eilat Isrotel Theater (Eilat, Israel)
In March 2005 became the winners of Second All-Ukrainian Competition of artists of variety and circus (Kiev, Ukraine)
In March – June 2005 - dinner-show of Circus “Pajazzo” (Switzerland)
In May 2005 - Electrolux Fachtagungen – 2005 at Baden Trafo (Switzerland)
In October – December 2005 - Trocadero Sarrasani Theater Dresden (Dresden, Germany)
In April – May 2006 - in the program of Moscow Circus at World-Fest (Branson, USA)
In July 2006 - “Spanish Cabaret” show at Ancol (Jakarta, Indonesia)
In September 2006 - “Lexus IS 300” presentation (Doha, Qatar)
In October 2006 - TV show "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde" in Paris (France)
In November 2006 - Circus Roncalli's program "Circus Meets Classics" (Munich, Germany)
In December 2006 - Taj Holiday Village (Goa, India)

In February - May 2007 - dinner-show "Le Tour Du Monde" at Royal Ascot

Theatrium (Dubai, UAE)
In April 2007 - Dubai Holding - 2007 Gala Dinner at Sheikh Rashid Hall (Dubai, UAE)
In September 2007 - show "Argolla" at the International Theatre Festival MOT (Skopje, Macedonia)
In October 2007 - February 2008 - Witzigmann & Roncalli "Bajazzo" (Frankfurt, Germany)
In April 2008 - Casino Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
In June 2008 - Dubai Properties Gala Dinner at Johara Ballroom, Madinat Jumeirah (Dubai, UAE)
In October 2008 - Gala for "Atlant-M Sukharevo" at The Palace of the Republic (Minsk, Belorus)
In November 2008 - January 2009 - Roncalli's "Panem et Circenses" (Essen, Germany)
In January 2009 - Corporate gala-dinner at Flora Köln (Germany) & Roncalli's „Goldene Zeiten” im Goldsaal der Schauburg (Iserlohn, Germany)
In March 2009 - TV-show "Charaftouni" at LBC television (Lebanon)




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