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Curriculum Vitae



The Duo has been created in 1996 by Desislava and Vladimir Pashnevi.

1997-2000- the summer season-Variety "Sunny Beach"-Bulgaria

1997-winter Gala-France

1998-Magic Theater" Magicky Palace"-Slovakia

2000-winter Gala-Kharkov-Ukraine

2001- the summer season-Variety "Sofia-Kempinski-Zografski"-Bulgaria

2001-Winter Gala-Morocco

2002-Winter season-Borovetz-Bulgaria

2002-Ships cruise-South Korea


Amsterdam-Newcastle; Bergen-Goteborg; Harwich -Cuxhaven

-name of the ships:

m/s Queen of Scandinavia; m/s Prince of Scandinavia; m/s Duke of Scandinavia; m/s Princess of Scandinavia;m/s Duchess of Scandinavia

2008-the summer season-Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Arena theatre"Saint Vlas"

"Majestic" hotel


Desislava Pashneva has been graduated in 1992- The National School for dancing art Sofia, Bulgaria.

Vladimir Pashniev has been graduated in 1991-Tha National College Circus and Variety Art Kiev Ukraine.


Expected salary - 1500 Euros

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